Kaiser Chiefs mimados…


Os Kaiser Chiefs admitem que a “fama e fortuna” que os seus sucessos lhes trouxeram possam tê-los mimado demasiado.

Segundo Ricky Wilson: “When it came to recording the new album we wanted to go back to our old rehearsal rooms. We had to go in and set up our own kit. We were absolutely fucked. We’ve become pampered rock stars.

“We hadn’t set up our own kit for over two years and didn’t have a bloody clue what we were doing. It took Nick over two hours to set up his drums. We were like children.”

Mas Wilson admite também que o regresso à sua terra natal, Leeds, pô-los de novo no bom caminho: “We got in contact with Mark, our friend who runs a rehearsal studios in Old Chapel in Leeds, and we had to wait for a room just like everyone else. It was quite humbling actually.”


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