The Libertines voltaram a reunir-se

The Libetines voltaram a reunir-se para um concerto no passado dia 12 de Abril, em Londres. Deixamo-vos aqui alguns vídeos do reencontro e comentários de quem lá esteve:

What Katie Did


Phil Shaw – “It was nothing short of an explosive, history-in-the-making moment…the audience was suitably thrilled at the promise of a new era for two of the most influential British musicians of recent times.”

Shaun Radford – “It was a night you just wanted to bottle and store in the cellar or bury in the Blue Peter garden for an unborn generation. The dynamic on stage was a pleasure to watch… they looked really happy and were obviously washed away by the significance and vitality of the night. A new album lads?”

Charles Cameronok – “best night of my life, (I’ve) never cried from happiness before”.

Liz Berry – “no doubt will go down in music history and be mentioned in a documentary a few years along the line…If there is one thing that anyone could see from tonight it’s that we still have time for our heroes”.

Será que vamos ter The Libertines de volta?


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